The Real Estate Agent’s Social Media Overview


The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Navigating Social Media

In a previous episode, we touched upon the digital marketing tools available for real estate agents, highlighting the importance of social media marketing. In the next few episodes, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of social media marketing:

Today, let’s commence with an overview. As a realtor or anyone exploring the digital space, it’s crucial to recognize each social media platform as its own distinct environment. Like cities around the world, each digital environment has its unique inhabitants, customs, and communication style.


For real estate agents, Facebook really hits the sweet spot. Think about it: the typical age of someone buying their first home is around 36, and the average Facebook user is around 40. It’s like they’re made for each other! Beyond just the age match-up, Facebook offers some handy tools for folks in the real estate business. Their advertising system lets agents put their listings right in front of the people most likely to be interested. And with features like the Marketplace, live tours, and local groups, it’s easier than ever to connect with potential buyers and sellers in a genuine way. All in all, for real estate agents looking to make their mark, Facebook is a pretty solid bet.


For real estate agents looking to tap into a vast and engaged audience, Instagram is a prime platform to consider. Here’s why: Instagram’s user demographics are impressive. More than half of the global Instagram user population is aged 34 years or younger, making it a hotspot for agents aiming to target younger homebuyers. It’s fundamentally visual, and that’s great for real estate. Picture-perfect properties shine bright on a platform where around 60% of users discover new products. Agents can share vibrant photos of properties, and it’s essential to note that visually-rich posts garner 36% more engagement. Beyond images, Instagram Stories – used by over 500 million people daily – offer a dynamic way to give virtual tours or sneak peeks of new listings. With 33% of the most-viewed Stories stemming from businesses, it’s evident that brands and professionals have a genuine chance to captivate audiences. Given these stats and Instagram’s unique demographic mix, it stands out as a beneficial tool in a real estate agent’s digital marketing arsenal.


For real estate agents looking to make genuine professional connections, LinkedIn is a valuable tool. Think of it as the digital equivalent of a networking event, but available 24/7. When I met someone in a professional setting, the first thing I do afterwards in connect with them on Linkedin. While LinkedIn might not be the first platform that comes to mind for real estate, its strength lies in fostering B2B relationships and showcasing industry expertise. The platform’s user base is primarily composed of professionals, which means agents can connect with property developers, fellow agents, mortgage brokers, and even potential high-net-worth clients. By sharing industry insights, market trends, and property listings, agents can position themselves as knowledgeable leaders in the field. Plus, with the ability to join and participate in real estate-specific groups on LinkedIn, there’s ample opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest, seek advice, and share experiences. All in all, if you’re a real estate agent aiming to expand your professional network and boost your industry credibility, LinkedIn’s your spot.


When it comes to showcasing properties and building a personal brand, YouTube can be a real estate agent’s best friend. At its core, real estate is visual, and YouTube provides a platform for agents to give virtual tours, share insights about neighborhoods, or even offer DIY home improvement tips for potential buyers. Potential homeowners, especially those relocating or buying from a distance, often turn to YouTube to get a feel for properties and areas before committing. Plus, by regularly uploading informative videos, agents can establish themselves as approachable experts in their field. What’s more, with YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, having a presence there can significantly boost your online visibility. So, if you’re an agent looking to engage audiences in a more dynamic way and build a lasting online presence, it’s worth giving YouTube a shot.


TikTok might seem like it’s all about dance challenges and quirky trends, but for real estate agents, it can be a game changer. Here’s a nugget to consider: around 60% of TikTok’s active users are aged between 16 and 24, with another 26% falling between 25 and 44. So, for real estate agents eyeing that young, first-time homebuyer demographic, TikTok offers a direct line. The platform provides a space for agents to not only showcase property listings but also to build a genuine rapport with potential clients through creative and relatable content. With its dynamic and highly-engaged user base, even a short video can garner substantial views, especially if it resonates well. Whether you’re showing off the charm of a starter home or sharing insights on navigating mortgage applications for the first time, TikTok can be a valuable tool for reaching a younger audience eager to jump into the world of homeownership.

X (formerly known as Twitter)

For those inclined towards real-time exchanges, X lively arenas are the place to be. Here, one can tap into real estate currents, partake in topical discussions, and broadcast timely updates. We have found that X is often used for political discourse and we recommend skipping this platform.

With this broad view of the social media terrain in hand, our next session will dive into crafting a tailored social media strategy. For more information on digital marketing, see the episode Real Estate Digital Marketing 101.

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