Real Estate Agents: Leveraging ChatGPT Custom Instructions

ChatGPT custom instructions for real estate agents

Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts with Custom Instructions in ChatGPT

This blog is for realtors that have become power users of ChatGPT. Custom Instructions is a little known feature that can really make a difference in your real estate marketing efforts.  The good news is that it’s available in both the free and paid version of ChatGPT.

Set Your Persona

In general, when I look at real listings, I can tell if they were generated by ChatGPT because they all look similar and have the same tone and style.  With Custom Instructions, ChatGPT can tailor your output based on what you’ve set up in your profile.  So for example, in my profile, here’s how I set it up:

The Difference:

I asked ChatGPT to create a listing for an existing house on the market.  One without custom instructions and one with custom instructions.

Without Custom Instructions

Welcome to 108 Landrum Cir, a home that doesn’t just meet your needs—it elevates your lifestyle. Situated in the sought-after locality of Folsom, CA, this single-family residence offers a blend of comfort, style, and convenience.

  • Why This Home Is A Must-See:: Spacious Living: With 2,377 square feet of living space, you have ample room to entertain guests or enjoy a quiet evening.
  • Outdoor Oasis: The 0.25-acre lot provides a generous outdoor space for gardening, BBQs, or a future swimming pool.
  • Automotive Luxury: A 3-car garage ensures that all your vehicles have a home, with room to spare for additional storage or a workshop.
  • Prime Location: The property’s location in Folsom offers a balanced lifestyle with easy access to amenities and a reasonable commute time.
  • Investment Potential: With a price per square foot of $368, this home is not just a residence but an investment in your future.
  • Open House: Don’t miss the opportunity to see this home in person. An open house is scheduled for today.

With Custom Instructions:

Step into 108 Landrum Cir—a property that goes beyond fulfilling your housing needs; it elevates your entire lifestyle. Nestled in the highly desirable Folsom, CA, this single-family home is a blend of luxury, comfort, and practicality. Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This:

  • Room to Breathe: With 2,377 sqft of living space, you’re not just buying a home; you’re securing room to live, entertain, and grow.
  • Outdoor Potential: The quarter-acre lot isn’t just land; it’s an opportunity—for gardens, barbecues, or even that pool you’ve always wanted.
  • Garage Space: A 3-car garage isn’t just storage; it’s peace of mind and potential for a workshop or additional storage.
  • Strategic Location: Situated in Folsom, you’re not just buying a home; you’re investing in a lifestyle with convenient access to amenities and manageable commute times.
  • Solid Investment: At $368 per sqft, this isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment strategy for your future.
  • Don’t Just Read About It: An open house is happening today. This is your chance to experience what could be your next home.

The listings description is very similar.  However, there a few differences that is more in line with my tone which is more direct:

Outdoor Oasis vs. Outdoor Potential

Automotive Luxury vs Garage Space

Setting Up Custom Instructions

Ready to give it a try?  Here’s how to set it up.

  1. Profile Creation: Begin by creating a profile on ChatGPT (this is typically in the lower left hand side). Navigate to the Custom Instructions section under your profile settings.
  2. Instruction Input: Provide clear, concise instructions that outline the tone, style, and information you want the AI to deliver. For instance, you might instruct ChatGPT to respond in a friendly, professional manner while providing detailed real estate listings.
  3. Keyword Utilization: Include relevant keywords in your instructions to ensure the AI provides responses that are both SEO-friendly and engaging.


If you don’t like the response style generated by ChatGPT, try adjusting the Custom Instructions.  I asked ChatGPT how I could improve my Custom Instructions so that it’s geared towards home buyers and this is what it came up with:

“My preferred voice tones are informative and authoritative, designed to guide you seamlessly through the home-buying process. My writing style is direct and practical, offering you actionable steps to secure your dream home. Expect clear benefits outlined at each stage, making your home-buying journey as efficient and rewarding as possible.”

Setting up your custom instructions is a time saver.  However, if you encounter a time where your prompt needs to ignore the custom instructions, you can add this at the beginning of the prompt: “Ignore custom instructions.”

So, take a few minutes to setup your Custom Instructions and see what kind of results you get from ChatGPT. To dive deeper into using personas with ChatGPT, see our blog, Mastering ChatGPT for Real Estate: A Buyer Persona Guide.

About the Author

Rich Foreman is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of MarketingHero Inc., bringing a wealth of experience to the role. His career highlights include being the Founding Chief Technology Officer at CORDICO, where he spearheaded the development of the innovative CordicoShield / CordicoFire Wellness App. This noteworthy accomplishment earned CORDICO the Sacramento Innovation Award in 2021 and led to the company’s acquisition by Lexipol in 2020 after generating a seven-figure annual recurring revenue.

Rich’s academic credentials are just as impressive. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, and a Master of Public Administration from Troy State University. His continuous thirst for knowledge is evident in his completion of certificate programs in Artificial Intelligence from esteemed institutions, namely MIT and UC Berkeley.

As a former officer in the U.S. Navy, Rich brings discipline and strategic thinking to his work. His entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated in his co-authored book, “Tap into the Mobile Economy,” and his leadership roles in various startup organizations. He served as the Founding Director of the Sacramento Chapter of Startup Grind, and he continues to actively participate as a board member of StartupSac.

In addition to his technological prowess and strategic leadership, Rich has also demonstrated his business acumen in his co-founding of Apptology, which was recognized as Small Business of the Year in 2014 by the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber. Rich’s expertise and achievements have led to features on various media platforms, including KCRA3NEWS10, 1170 Tech AM PowerDrive, Business Radio Money 105.5, SiliconIndia, the Sacramento Business Journal, and the Sacramento Bee. Moreover, Rich has dutifully served his community as a Utility Commissioner for the City of Folsom.

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