The Quest for Authenticity in AI-Generated Marketing


AI-Made Marketing: The Rise of Generic Copy and the Quest for Authenticity

In early 2023, Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in the news and infiltrating various industries, including the marketing world. Real estate agents quickly adopted this technology because it was easy to use and didn’t cost a dime. However, a problem has arisen. With so many agents relying on AI for their marketing copy, everything is starting to sound the same. Nearly every description generated by AI uses common terms like “boasts” or similar features like natural light, open floor plans, and the kitchen is a “chef’s delight or culinary enthusiast’s dream!” In this article, we’ll explore the downsides of AI-generated marketing copy and why it struggles to capture your brand’s true identity.

The Importance of Authenticity in Marketing

AI has revolutionized marketing by offering automated solutions that save time and promise efficiency. However, when it comes to brand identity, AI falls short. It lacks the ability to understand the unique aspects of your business, resulting in generic and impersonal copy.

Authenticity is a key ingredient in effective marketing. It builds trust and loyalty by establishing a genuine connection with your audience. Unfortunately, AI-generated copy lacks that human touch needed to create an authentic voice. It fails to grasp the nuances, values, and unique selling points that make your brand stand out.

AI-powered marketing tools often rely on templates, leading to a one-size-fits-all approach. While this may seem convenient, it sacrifices the individuality of your brand.

Your marketing copy should reflect your story, mission, and vision, which templates simply can’t capture effectively.

Emotion is a crucial element in marketing, driving connections and actions. However, AI algorithms struggle to understand the subtleties of tone and emotion, resulting in flat and robotic-sounding copy. Real estate is a deeply personal and emotional industry, and your marketing should reflect that humanity.


Introducing, the solution that combines AI with a human touch. Our platform understands the challenges real estate agents face with AI and empowers you to take the lead in your marketing journey.

With, you can effortlessly craft compelling property descriptions, engaging emails, and impactful social media posts. Our algorithm enables you to create authentic and engaging content that truly connects with your target audience.

You Are the Hero of Your Marketing Story

By embracing, you become the hero of your marketing. You regain the power to communicate your unique value proposition, establish a strong brand identity, and authentically connect with your audience. No longer limited by generic templates, you can educate and engage potential clients through content that reflects your expertise and passion.

In the quest for authentic marketing, AI can be a valuable tool, but it should never replace the human touch and distinct voice that defines your brand. With by your side, you can harness the benefits of AI while preserving the authenticity and boldness that make your marketing shine.

About the Author

Larry Hales is a seasoned and multi-faceted technology professional. His passion all-things tech began with his first computer in 1984 and it has stayed with him ever since.  Larry is the CEO and Co-Founder of MarketingHero.AI.   Previously, he served as the Marketing Technology Director at West, Williston Financial Group Company, where he coaches and guides Real Estate Agents on how to better leverage technology in their business. His 25 years of photography, design and printing, combined with his knowledge of digital advertising and brand building, gives him a unique perspective of marketing from different angles. When he isn’t busy being a proud computer geek, Larry enjoys trail running, hiking, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, and anything else that gets him outside.

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