Boost Organic Reach & Generate Free Leads on Facebook for Realtors

Generate organic leads from facebook

How Real Estate Agents Can Skyrocket Their Organic Reach on Facebook and Generate Free Leads

Let’s get straight to it—organic reach on Facebook for business pages is abysmal these days. We’re talking 2-3% abysmal. So, how do you get your real estate listings seen by more eyes without breaking the bank? In this blog, we’ll unravel a multi-step strategy that not only extends your reach but also turns those eyeballs into bona fide leads.

The Current Landscape: The Problem of Low Organic Reach

Your organic reach on Facebook hovers at a disappointing 2-3% due to Facebook’s stringent algorithms. If you’ve been mystified as to why some posts get 50 likes and others get zero, it’s because the algorithm prioritizes posts based on recent interactions with your page or from your so-called “top fans.” It’s a tough environment but not an insurmountable one.

Setting the Stage: Prepare Your Facebook Business Page

Before deploying any strategy, make sure your Facebook Business Page is fully set up and complete with all relevant information like contact info, address, and a detailed description. Why is this crucial?

  • Analytics and Data: Know how your posts are performing.
  • Retargeting Audiences: Keep your audience engaged by showing them tailored content.
  • Ad Options: Even if you don’t plan to run ads now, the option remains open for later.

Dive into the Community: Join Facebook Groups

Don’t underestimate the power of community groups on Facebook. Look for buy/sell/trade groups or general community forums related to your area. But proceed with caution—pay attention to group rules to know what kind of content you can post. A reconnaissance scan of the posts can help you understand what’s allowed and what’s not.

The Heart of the Strategy: Posting an Active Listing

You’ll need an active listing to showcase. Don’t have one? Borrow one from your brokerage (after asking for permission, of course). This listing will be your vehicle for engagement. If you’re targeting buyers, choose a listing in a price range that’s affordable for first-time buyers. For sellers, pick a property in a “move-up” price range.

Implementing the Strategy: Steps to Amplify Reach and Engagement

  1. Facebook Marketplace: The first action is to post your chosen listing on Facebook Marketplace, and ensure it’s done via your business page.
  2. Share on Personal Profile: After the listing is up on Marketplace, share it on your personal profile to tap into a wider network.
  3. Share in Groups: Distribute the listing in the community and buy/sell/trade groups you joined. This move exposes your post to people who aren’t connected to your business page, widening your reach dramatically.

The Final Frontier: Lead Conversion

It’s crucial to respond quickly to incoming inquiries on your listing to capitalize on the ‘speed-to-lead’ principle. Use Facebook’s Pages Manager App to manage messages and comments. Use personal video messages, buyer’s guides, or informative content to provide immediate value to inquiries.

Don’t expect every lead to convert immediately. Some might be in the early stages of their buying journey, but that’s no reason to overlook them. Tag them as ‘Pending’ and keep them engaged with periodic updates.

So there you have it—a comprehensive guide to not only boosting your organic reach on Facebook but also converting those reached into actionable leads. Implement this strategy and you’ll see that even in a space as competitive as Facebook, there’s room to thrive.

About the Author

Larry Hales is a seasoned and multi-faceted technology professional. His passion all-things tech began with his first computer in 1984 and it has stayed with him ever since.  Larry is the CEO and Co-Founder of MarketingHero.   Previously, he served as the Marketing Technology Director at West, Williston Financial Group Company, where he coaches and guides Real Estate Agents on how to better leverage technology in their business. His 25 years of photography, design and printing, combined with his knowledge of digital advertising and brand building, gives him a unique perspective of marketing from different angles. When he isn’t busy being a proud computer geek, Larry enjoys trail running, hiking, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, and anything else that gets him outside.

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